How To Save Money Buying Toys

Toys can be financially draining!

With the toy market becoming more and more tech-savvy and consolidated, it was as expected to reach out of the common people’s budget. Toys are universally accepted to be a part and parcel of growing up. And in spite of the steep increase in the price of average toys as well, parents do not mind shelling out a little bit more if the toys guarantee furtherance in education and had entertainment value to it.

I have known parents who go all out to buy the best toys for their children:

Some parents leave no stone unturned in providing the best of playthings for their wards. One parent, I knew also believed in importing the toy if it was not available in the local market. She argued that toys are an integral part of the child and they help the child cross milestones easily. Well, I could not agree more but the fact that they can spend a large amount of money on shipping and delivery was not something I could digest easily.

I believe in sourcing things locally:

What is the harm in giving things that truly belong to your region? Also, I feel that once the  child outgrows the toy, it must be donated to institutions worldwide who would make sure that the toy reaches then that most need it but cannot afford to buy it themselves

Have you tried yet?

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