The Facts: Ways Large Funeral Directors Companies Are Increasing Their Fees


There is a lot of stress and tension around a death and sometimes the aim of some taking care of a funeral is to try and get it over with as quickly as possible. The death of a loved one is hard, and the costs can be crippling for someone trying to pay for this alone. There are differences in costs when choosing the right funeral director, which is why some are choosing to increase at a rate that doesn’t reflect real natural inflation increases in the economy, but instead trying to profit directly from someone’s loss.

A typical funeral cost is around £3,500 and can go up to £6000 in some cases, which is why choosing the right funeral director is important. Smaller funeral establishments are presumed to be more expensive by some people, but the facts are that the more established larger funeral directors, ones connected to Co-operative care with funeral director companies are charging more in some cases 25% to 35% more than the smaller funeral director firms. This is known to be happening here in the UK because of local authorities putting increased costs into areas that would have otherwise been deemed unnoticeable, hidden through the chaos of a funeral.

Reputable funeralcare and smaller funeral directors like on help families distinguish between what are good choices in times of funeral arrangements. Many people are trying to make a stressful time easier and with the financial burden of funeral costs pressing as well as organising everything, that’s why find a company that helps is important.

London is known for having an increased cost of funeral care. The average price in London for funeral care compared with other places in the UK is an increase of 10-15%, which is to be expected due to inflation.