Is earning lots of money the main driving force of an employee?

What is the one thing that drives you to get up in the morning and go to work? It’s a simple question with a not so simple answer. See the triggers are different for a lot of people. Some may state the obvious, i.e. a huge pay, for others it might be passion and for few others it might be a unending zeal to make a difference.

Regardless of what drives you to be the best, there must be a balance and should be managed. Motivation has been a subject which has been studied by leaders for decades, as it provides them with the tools to determine their employee’s personality types to better anticipate behaviours and tendencies.

It becomes the prerogative of the leader to not just read assessment scores, but to individually know whom they are leading and to guide and motivate towards a goal which is mutually enriching and gratifying. This allows for a better understand those we are serving, just as much as ourselves.

While there are many books and other tools which can help project and inspire short and long term performance, the major factors that motivate employees to achieve and evolve as they mature and begin to truly understand what matters most to them has to be identified and utilised.

To get the most out of an employee and sustaining the relationship, which was initially guided with money, a lot many factors come into focus.

Having a Trustworthy Leadership, providing a Stable Future, taking initiative with regards to Career Advancement, Impact of the work on the general populace, being updated and relevant and last but not the least, the hugely impactful Happiness. Because Happiness is a beacon of hope for a better tomorrow, which cannot be bought even with enormous amount of money.