Established in 2005, ASEC Action Organization was founded by Frank Scura with a vision to master the industry and progress with success.

ASEC Action is dedicated to targeting the financial crowd and trading professionals. However, we also welcome all readers interested in understanding the fundamentals of finance today. As a monthly finance magazine, our mission is to help bankers, investors, corporate leaders, and readers of all kinds to better understand the market trends in loans, mortgages, banking, and issues related to finance.

At ASEC Action, our audience includes CEOs, Presidents, treasurers, chairmen, and other leaders in finance who are looking to carry on the responsibility of strategic decisions in business, finance, and investments.

Our mission is to be the top leading source of finance that includes useful information, analysis, and insights on the global finance network. Our topics cover financial management, funds, banking, pensions, and the upcoming marketing trends. Our subscribers are found in over 150 countries across the globe as ASEC Action addresses the issues in the economy and business industry.

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