Whether an old computer has become unusable or you just want to get rid of it to buy a new high configuration computer, you have to dispose it properly. recycling computers is always an option. It means less e-waste that pose environmental risks. You can reduce the e-waste that goes into the landfills by recycling your old computer. How do you do that?

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Delete Personal Data

This is the first thing you must do whenever you want to discard an old computer or any electronic device that has memory storage part. Even when you delete data using an operating software's built-in features, the data is not deleted permanently from the hard drive. Take help of a special software program to erase data permanently from such components. Next, destroy the drive physically as recommended so its data cannot be recovered by any method.

Recycle Usable Parts

A computer has several parts that can be separated from it and reused in other applications. See if you can make any use of one or many of those parts in other computers or electronic devices. The computer cabinet can be reused to build a new system while discarding its old internal parts. One option is to keep usable parts and replace only those parts that are not needed. You can build a high configuration computer this way and save some money.

Donate or Give It Away for Free

This is always an option if your computer is in working condition but no longer usable for you. There are many charity organisations that accept usable computers for poor people or for use in charitable works. You can advertise about such a computer on free online classified platforms. Make sure you have used a special program to erase data thoroughly from the drives before donating the computer. You can give it away for free to a person who needs it.

Recycling Centre

If the computer cannot be donated for some reason, you must discard it safely. You are required to send your old computer to an approved recycling centre. This type of centre has special infrastructure in place to separate the hazardous materials, parts and components from electronic devices. Some computer brands have programs to take back their old computers. The advantage of it is that you do not have to pay the cost of recycling or e-waste disposal to your council.

Recycling a computer on your own by removing its parts can be a time-consuming and risky process. It contains some hazardous materials. Let a certified recycling centre handle this job properly.